The Internet is A Gift

This one is a personal post. I wanted to leave a note to my future self and want him to always appreciate what a great gift, the Internet is.

I've always been interested in new technologies, since my childhood. As years passed by, I've learned that the Internet is a global human achievement.

It is a journey that starts with telegraphs and continues with satellites in the sky, an amazing journey for the Internet. Countless people helped make the Internet, what it is today.

It is a desire of humanity, to stay connected, globally. This desire within every human being makes me feel warm and fuzzy. We are a species on a planet after all. Alone in the universe, alone in the world. We love animals, but they don't satisfy our need to communicate. So we communicate, wanting to feel safe, and together, against all the wars and hate.

I am 28 years old now, curious and excited about the world. I've never had a chance to travel outside my home country. That is okay, one day I will. Thanks to the Internet, I can at least see around the world. It is such a great thing to have news from around the world. I have a chance to hear different views from people around the world.

The Internet is a gift, from humanity to itself. Stay connected humans <3