This blog is about programming, thats for sure. However, it doesn't have a specific focus.

Since, I am the only author of this blog, I usually write about backend development, especially using server-side javascript. I tend to use this phrase rather than Node.js development, because of other emerging server side engines such as Bun or Deno.

You might find me talking about decentralized technologies such as SMTP, RSS, XMPP, Blockchain, etc. Though sound cool at first, they are mostly widely accepted protocols, which is just plain fun for a backend developer ( meee! ).

Sometimes you might encounter other popular topics such as ChatGPT, Natural Language Processing, etc. in this blog, but I am no means an expert on these areas.

I just like to explore and discover, that's all.

I am open for collaborations and guest posts. In any case, don't hesiate to reach out to me at [email protected] or [email protected]